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Greece’s Burning

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on August 31, 2007

It’s 4:45am local time when i’m writing this and the whole country is set on fire… there’re 133 (!!) fires burning across Greece at the moment with a total count of 18 dead and about 10 missing people… and with a temperature of near 40 Celsius (100+ F) and winds of 70-100 km/h (as the forecast is now & for tomorrow too) things don’t look good at all…

So… who’s behind this? we have a massive amount of over 5000 fires ’till now when we never had over 1500… and having in mind that plenty of other countries (Spain,Bulgary,Portugal,Italy [who still has massive problems with fires at the whole North]) had similar (or even bigger) problems with fires this year the first question coming up is what we’re doing to our planet and who’s responsible for this disaster…

Talking about Greece,it’s certain that most of the fires are set for house building reasons. OK,but have these people considered what kind of air will they breathe? After the recent fires in Attiki (where Athens is located too) the temperature has risen for 1-2 degrees (Celcius) and the worse are still to come as the experts say… what’s the need of a fully equipped great house when you won’t be able to get outside it at all…

But since (some) other countries don’t deal with these situations as we Greeks do,it must be another motive behind this whole catastrophy… maybe mankind has gone completely nuts or maybe so bored living in Earth to try ruining her so we can fly along somewhere else in the universe…

Or perhaps Armageddon is near…

Let’s just hope this whole situation comes to an end… it’s our DUTY to save the planet!! we haven’t got another one unfortunately… (at least by now and from what we’re told from our governments…)



Note: The Greek elections are in 22 days… i’m curious what are politicians will talk about the next days and who’s going to take any responsibility for this catastrophy… (it’s me dreaming i guess… our politicians are NEVER responsible for bad things,but all good things are theirs…)

Update: Some minutes ago another fire started at Filothei,which is a suberb (full of green ,one of the few left in Attiki) about 15 kilometres from Athens… This seems to be a never ending nightmare…

Repost from ILL_Natured_gr’s blog at MySpace, Aug 25,2007

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