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Greek Hall Of Fame!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on August 31, 2007



1) Karolos Papoulias Head (or pretending to be) of the Greek State – President of the Greek Democracy. Can’t be accused for something ’cause he hasn’t got any authority in his hands.He’s more a decorative element.

2) Kostas Karamanlis The (or pretending to be) Prime Minister.No one knows where he is – Greeks hardly see him.No one knows if he has worked a single day in his life.

3) Byron Polydoras The (or pretending to be) Minister of National Security. Mostly a poet.Inventor of the green shoes and of the moving flower stands falling into (university) students.Father of the so called “non-linear threats”.Everything is always perfect (as for him).

4) Vaggelis Meimarakis The (or pretending to be) Minister of Defence. No one knows where he is at the moment.No one knows his opinion (or even if he has one).

5) Georgios Alogoskoufis The (or pretending to be) Minister of Economy.Greeks are getting richer and richer every year as for him.That’s why he raises all taxes and lowers all salaries.

6) Dimitrios Avramopoulos The (or pretending to be) Minister of Health.The perfect example of talking a lot without saying nothing.No one knows where he is at the moment.

7) Fani-Palli Petralia The (or pretending to be) Minister of Tourism. The only Greek person who declares that the total amount of tourists has risen in 2007 (as no one can see them).No one knows where she is at the moment.

8) Giorgakis Papandreou The (or pretending to be) Socialist party leader.A Prime Minister wannabe.Perfect solution as he can’t speak Greek.

9) Aleka Papariga The(or pretending to be) Communist party leader.Perhaps the only communist party left in Europe.Her speeches are enlightened as she adds them 3 to 5 (max.) new words per year.

10) Alekos Alavanos The (or pretending to be) Radicalism Left party leader.One of the poorest Greeks,his only belongings worth over 200 million euros.Never wears a tie.You never know what he’ll say tomorrow.

11) Georgios Karatzaferis The (or petending to be) “People’s Orthodox Alarm” party leader.A mix of everything,mostly a religion freak.King of the most questions asked in every parliament.His favorites colours are black and white.

12) Stylianos Papathemelis The (or pretending to be) “Democrat Rebirth” party leader.Another religion freak as his rival above.Mostly known for his great law “all bars and clubs must close at 3am” and for his great hight.

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