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New entries at the Greek Hall Of Fame!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 5, 2007

Let’s first have a look at the situation…

A view of Athens on 26/08/07

<Ancient Olympia before (up) and after (down) the fire


1) Theodoros Roussopoulos The (or pretending to be) Government’s Spokesman.Former communist who loves capitalism.Well educated,can say “next question” in 217 languages.Married to a former capitalist,now a communist.The Prime Minister’s beloved boy for unknown reasons.His present mission is to assist the homeless from the fires but no one has yet seen him.
2) Evaggelos Antonaros The (or pretending to be) substitute Government’s Spokesman.Loves watching Batman.No one knows where he is.Says “next question” at least 34 times per interview (but only in Greek).
3) Marietta Giannakou The (or pretending to be) Minister of Education & Religion.Great voice,compared only with 50’s dudes.Always wears sunglasses at her visits although she can’t see well.Loves all kinds of dialogues but in the end it’s her opinion that counts.Inspires all religious people with her 3 feet,5 kgr. cross she wears.
4) Michalis Liapis The (or pretending to be) Minister of Transportation.A technological genius,knows how to turn a switch on and off.He’s the only one laughing with his jokes.Prays for the Prime Minister’s sake at least 5 times a day (as the Muslems).Although he uses GPS compatible devices he never knows where he is.
5) Georgios Souflias The (or pretending to be) Minister of Public Administration.Well known for his excellent hearing abilities.Serves the right party (he & his family) for over 250 years.No one knows where he is at the moment.
6) Konstantinos Mitsotakis Former (or pretending to be) Prime Minister.His nickname was “lucky”.Rumours say he was about to visit Indonesia right before the tsunami.Lightens up his speeches by rising his left shoulder.No one knows where he is at the moment (but anyway,he’s retired).
7) Konstantinos Simitis Former (or pretending to be) Prime Minister.His nickname was “olive”.Well known for thanking the U.S.A. government at every chance.The only Prime Minister in Greek history who had an interpreter (from Greek to Greek).Last seen some months ago.

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