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Metalheads United

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 8, 2007

Metalheads United…

The greatest site (and group) i’ve seen in MySpace (for the message it spreads)… All Metalheads have one thing in common : Metal!! Whatever the sub-genre (Black,Death,Thrash,Grindcore,Power etc.) we all love the sound of this exciting music… So i can’t figure out why we should argue with eachother about who’s the “Heavier”,who’s the “True” and so on…

Talking about Greece things are getting even worse… Metal is strictly prohibited in the major TV stations and in most Radios (ok,with some exceptions…) . Almost worse is that Metal isn’t considered being music at all… (most people call it “noise” and they don’t mean the known style…). You see for most (“politically correct”) people here the ideal thing to do is : dress up well (not like the dirty Metallers!) ,have a nice car,a nice house,lots of money and a sexy Barbie for wife… (Metalheads don’t have anything of that shit you see…). Not talking ofcourse about the Religious issues… Christians have full power here and critisize almost every aspect in life…Consider all of the above and think if we have the privilege to fight eachother for “who’s the best” and “who’s the true”…

So if someone knows and fully understands all of the above the first thing on his/her’s mind should be standing up for a big Metal community… Fuck what other people say about you and stand for your right to be a proud Metalhead!!! Do whatever you want to do and don’t give a fuck!! And ,as for groups, respect each other’s work and stop fussing around with the “who’s the best” kind of shit!! This kind of attitude is useless… Just promote yourselves, your friends and Metal in general…

By the way MySpace (and Internet in general) is THE way of promoting your music… How else would we’ve listened (apart talking and being friends with eachother) to the exciting Metal bands from all over the world? So…

To all groups : Continue writing the music we like and love

To all fans : Support ALL the bands and mostly the Underground ones

Stop every kind of arguments!!! We all love Metal!!!

Metalheads United!!!

P.S. Feel free to post a comment…

Repost from ILL_Natured_gr’s blog at MySpace,Dec 11,2006


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