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How to Create Your Own Religion

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 18, 2007

How to Create Your Own Religion


1. Research to find problems in current religions. You’ll need some backup when the critics pick apart your theology.

2. Have a moment of enlightenment (something supernatural that intervenes with your daily routine that is habitually unexplainable). This step is not necessary, but helpful.

3. Construct a thought system that is not explainable, it does not have to be characterized in human or animal form, but most are.

4. Set core values and doctrine for others to follow and read.

5. Make sure that your deity and your creed (core point to your religion) follow a few ostensibly moral beliefs (i.e. its not ok to kill, it’s not ok to hit people looking in the other direction.)

6. Give an awesome name to your god/deity/spiritual guidance. No one wants to follow in the footsteps of someone named Doofy Fandangle.

7. Most modern religions are centred around a set of opposing forces and/or entities. Make sure that your set includes this sort of conflict along with a brief summary of the history of the conflict between each faction.

8. Create some medium of communication, preferably via a head spirtual advisor for your religion (prayer, sacrifice, etc.) Without guidance or enlightment, you lose the element of connectivity. Most modern people want a theistic deity to follow.

9. Bring all the set of principles to a written authoritative book created through divine inspiration. Make sure there are parts of it that are not so easily understood, this makes people feel there is something beyond and crutial in meaning. Include sayings and proverbs that are easy to memorize plus stories with characters people can identify with.


-If you choose a diety, your spirtuality motivator (god, deity, etc.) does not have to be all-powerful, just really smart.

-If you choose a diety, it’s not necessary, but you can choose an attire that enhances the appeal of that who you serve.

-There should also be some sort of rewards/punishment system. These can be governed depending on the status of your religion.

-If you so desire, have some symbols in your religion that refer to your beliefs, its congregation, etc.

-People grant respect out of fear and/or love. Use these powerful subconcious desires to the advantage of your new religion.

-Remember, even science was a religion at one time, and now look how pervasive it is, do not be frustrated if you are punished for your beliefs.


-If you choose a diety, Do not exploit your deity with door-to-door sales techniques. No one should have to “buy” into your religion, they should be “drawn” towards it.

-Do not structure your religion with too many parallels to already founded religions. Nobody likes a copycat.

-Avoid announcing a doomsday, its old news and has lost credibility. However, if unavoidable to gain quick support, make sure the dooms day in question is far away enough so you will not be lucky enough to witness it.

-Try to create your religion for no apparent reason. Religion is a sacred thing, and should be toyed with. If you make up a religion with no belief in it, it’s sort of defiling the sacred part of religion, so it will be much stronger and spread quicker.

-If you make up a religion, then be sure to have faith in it.

-If you are doing this, make sure that you don’t let it get past your own ability to stop it. Many people change their minds, but if it’s you, you might want to make sure your followers aren’t left going down a whim of your fancy.

-SPECIFY if your relegion is just for a story, or for actual use. It would be really embarrasing to have followers who come to you for answers to their numerous questions and you only went into enough depth for a short story.

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2 Responses to “How to Create Your Own Religion”

  1. Tim Kurek said

    Well, Joseph Smith did it… Interesting blog.
    tim kurek

  2. weren said

    Oh my i hope you have a nice day! The fast black wolf hopped over the lazy dog. Do you now any free website with manuals in pdf’s?

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