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Archive for October 19th, 2007

WTF!?!? Indian Thriller!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 19, 2007

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video clip…

But have you seen the Indian version???

If not,here it is for all of you to enjoy!

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Burglar stories

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 19, 2007

Burglars move into Alabama woman’s home

Thu Oct 18, 6:04 PM ET

DECATUR, Ala. – Kim Ledford returned to her home after an extended absence and found a strange man in her bed and a woman wearing her clothes. Then another man walked up to question why she was in his house.

Once police sorted things out, two were charged with burglary, Kelly Jo Moore, 45, and Cornelius Goode, 29. The man in the bed was not immediately identified or charged.

Decatur police spokesman Lt. Frank DeButy said Moore was wearing Ledford’s clothes and said she would leave the home if it was causing a problem.

DeButy says Goode falsely claimed to be the owner of the residence. It’s unclear how long the intruders had been living in the house.

DeButy said police also found drug paraphernalia on Moore.

Moore and Goode are currently living in the Morgan County Jail.

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Couple make burglar clean up at gunpoint

Thu Oct 18, 9:03 PM ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A burglar in Montgomery chose the wrong family to mess with, literally. Adrian and Tiffany McKinnon returned home on Tuesday after a week away to find that thieves had emptied almost everything the family of five owned, Tiffany McKinnon said through tears.

“Tears just rolled down my face as I walked in and saw everything gone and piles of trash all over my home,” she said.

Adrian McKinnon sent his wife to see her sister while he inspected the piles left behind. As he walked back into the sunroom, a man walked through the back door straight into him, Tiffany McKinnon told the Montgomery Advertiser in a story Thursday.

“My husband Adrian caught the thief red-handed in our home,” she said. “And what is even crazier, the man even had my husband’s hat sitting right on his head.”

Adrian McKinnon held the suspect, 33-year-old Tajuan Bullock, at gunpoint and told him to sit on the floor until he decided what to do.

“We made this man clean up all the mess he made, piles of stuff, he had thrown out of my drawers and cabinets onto the floor,” Tiffany McKinnon said.

When police arrived, Bullock complained about being forced to clean the home at gunpoint.

“This man had the nerve to raise sand about us making him clean up the mess he made in my house,” she said. “The police officer laughed at him when he complained and said anybody else would have shot him dead.”

Capt. Huey Thornton, a police spokesman, said police arrested Bullock at 2 p.m. Tuesday on burglary and theft charges. He was being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility on a $30,000 bond.

“The victims were lucky in this case to be able to catch the suspect in the act and hold him until police arrived,” Thornton said.

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