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Knowledge is Power

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 21, 2007

A collection of marvellous quotes written by Greek students

“Sir,before the law of gravity was voted did the objects fell?”

“When Odysseus returned back to Ithaki he found the twenty fans and Penelope working them at max”

“The precise opposite of the Holy Trinity is the Diabolic Trinity”

“The seagull is a migrating bird.The summertime goes to the beach,the winter to the coasts.Intermediarily in the dumps and in harbours”

“The circle is a round line, without connections, linked in such a way that you cannot understand where it begins and where it finishes”

“The circle does not have neither beginning neither end, unless you stop the diabetes”

“The revolution of ’21 took place 1821 years ago. Today we celebrate it’s final fall”

“The triangle who has two corners is called diagonal”

“Ludvig the XVI, right after the revolution, was decapitated for the first time in his life in 1792”

“Despite the fact that the old man was blind,he heard everything”

and the winner is…

“The Turks couldn’t bear the interindividual bombs of the Americans and were forced to release Greece”

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