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Oldies but Goodies

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 22, 2007

Blind Driver

Men of traffic police arrested a driver because he was driving being drunk in Tartu of South Estonia on Sunday. When they stopped him for alcohol test they found out that he was blind. The extreme 20 years old was driving, taking instructions from the 16 years old sitting next to him. A traffic police officer said today: “First I thought he was drunk but then I realized that he was blind as he could not see the alcohol test device”.

Caffeine-Infused Soap for the Sleepyheads

Having difficulty in waking up in the morning? Well, the Britons have the answer to that, as they manufactured a soap infused with caffeine capable of helping users have an early and pleasant wake-up. Called “shower shock,” the soap is absorbed naturally through the skin, while the caffeine supplied is equivalent to two cups of coffee per shower, claimed the manufacturers. Scented with peppermint oil, the makers suggested that this unique soap will give users a refreshing boost in just five minutes’ time.

Slave for 27 Years for Rice Debt

The eastern state of Bihar in India is investigating the case of a peasant who reported that he was forced to work as a slave for 27 whole years to repay a loan for the purchase of 40 kilos of rice in 1980. Zauahar Manhi, aged 72, had got a loan from a moneylender of the village to buy 40 kilos of rice. The money lender gave him the money, asking him in parallel, to repay him not with money but by working in his fields. The illiterate peasant neither knew how to count money, nor had any property. Binhar, which is considered the poorest state of India, has launched a probe into the practices used against naïve peasants by the rich. Usually, landowners are protected by local private militiamen, who force homeless peasants to work for free. In exchange the militiamen are paid for their services. This however, is against the Indian law. The case came into light while a local humanitarian and non governmental organization was conducting a research.

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