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Archive for November 24th, 2007

The Importance of Signs!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 24, 2007

The following article is an excellent example of how important and how significant are signs in
our lives… if Pt Addis beach had some descent signing no such misunderstandings would occur!
(That’s why i have this [bizarre] obsession about signs!!!)

Nude beach sex shock

Rebecca Tucker


A NAKED couple having sex at Pt Addis beach shocked a mother walking with her teenage daughter on Saturday afternoon.

Katrina Simpson said she was on the beach about 12.30pm with her husband and their teenage daughter when they came across the indecent act.

She said the couple was in full view, about 30m to the right of the beach access stairs, in the area designated for full clothing.

The Surf Coast beach is famous for its optional dress code, but that does not begin for about 1km to the left of the steps.

Mrs Simpson said the couple was to the right of the steps in the general access area.

But she said regardless of which section they were in, their sexual activity should not have been on public display.

“I’m not a wowser but I have great respect for our community and this is a community beach,” Mrs Simpson, a nearby resident for the past 25 years, said.

She telephoned the police after witnessing the incident.

Mrs Simpson earlier this year campaigned for better signage at the beach, raising concerns sunbathers did not know where the optional dress area began.

She said at the time that some male nudists used that as an excuse to parade naked in the general access area.

At the weekend she renewed calls to improve signage, beginning with postings on Pt Addis Rd so people were aware of the different zones before they got to the beach.

Mrs Simpson said apart from the couple having sex at the general access area, her family also came across a naked man reading his newspaper.

“He was still in the wrong area but he covered up with the paper, so at least he was being discreet,” she said.

“We’re coming to the start of the summer season and we’re going to have the same issues as last year unless something is done about it.

“It’s a national park so we have every right to be there and people may have a right to choose not to wear clothing but they don’t have to do it in our face, that’s what the other area is for.”

But Mrs Simpson said no area was suitable for public sex.

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