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WTF?!?!?! (2) Cats that look like Hitler???

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 25, 2008

Thought i’ve seen everything… but every now and then something new comes up!

Take the cats that look like Hitler site for instance 🙂


For more cats and info click the link below!

Cats that look like Hitler

Credits go to my friend Papet for letting me know this great link/site! Thank you my friend!

4 Responses to “WTF?!?!?! (2) Cats that look like Hitler???”

  1. dodgone said

    WTF Cats, this cannot be happening moment Cat
    Edit Link

    April 1, 2009 in 1929, Blogroll, Giap, Oriente Medio, USA, bush, crash financiero, crash inmobiliario, economía, foreclosure, guerra, irak, irak war, iran, iraq, israel, juba the sniper, mortgage, saddam, vietcong, whatreallyhappened

    First came Cats that look like Hitler, and I did nothing, my cat does not look like Hitler, then came LoLcats and i did nothing, because my cat, Lepras, is not funny, the i came across this cat that look like Hitler, and had this WTFCat moment…. (note the tile on the door says Beware of the Dog.


    I am out of ideas, so i have got to recycle old stuff….

  2. Forum said

    Cat is very good animal. thank you

  3. herms bag said

    very nice i will be back

  4. pnr status said

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