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About Us

An 39-year old Proud Greek Metalhead (among many other…)


  1. GENERAL : Music,Books,Football,Computers,Internet,Cinema,Politics,Various collections(books,CD’s,DVD’s,Vinyl records,cigarettes,beer bottles,alcohol bottles of all kind etc.)

  2. MUSIC : Dimmu Borgir,Slayer,Emperor,Dodheimsgard,Venom,Cradle of Filth,Marduk,Burzum,Immortal,Death,Behexen,Darkthrone,Nile,Sarcofago,Behemoth,Rotting Christ,Naer Mataron,DIS,Ethereal(COL),Death SS,Pestilence,Metallica,Exodus,Death Angel,Dark Angel,Vulnus,Order of the Ebon Hand,Mercyful Fate,Atheist,King Diamond,Black Sabbath,Abyssaria,Black Messiah,Deviant,Godless,S.D.I.,Anthrax,Gehenna,Kult Ov Azazel,Anal Naathrackh,Tardive Dyskinesia,Motorhead,Therion,Morbid Angel,Necrodemon,Vital Remains,Origin,Lord Belial,Dark Funeral,Old Progressive rock Bands: Emerson,Lake & Palmer,Atomic Rooster,Van Der Graaf Generator,The Nice,Deep Purple,Dream Theater,King’s X,Symphony X,Porcupine Tree and many many more… But mostly Black/Death Metal.

  3. MOVIES : Hellraiser,Saw I,II & III,Fight Club,Hostel,The Eye,The Ring,The Lord of the Rings I,II & III,Misery,Snatch,Man on Fire,Men Behind the Sun,Cabin’s Fever,Lost Highway,Mulholland Drive,They Live,The Fog(original),Clockwork Orange,City of God,J.F.K.,Elephant Man,Dawn of the Dead,Audition(JAP),Cannibal Holocaust,The Night of the Living Dead,Evil Dead I&II,8MM,all Monty Python’s movies.

  4. BOOKS : Lord of the Rings,Hellraiser,It,Necroscope,The Rosary Girls (Richard Montanari).Thrillers in general and all books by writers such as James Patterson,Graham Masterton,Clive Barker,Stephen King,Dean Koontz,Harlan Coben,Wilbur Smith,Lee Child,Michael Chrichton,Jonathan Kellerman,Peter Abrahams and many more…

  5. TELEVISION : 24,Lost,C.S.I.,The X-Files,Twin Peaks,The 4400,all sports(mainly football).

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