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More useful info : How to Teach Your Dog to Get a Beer

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on January 14, 2008

The ILL_Natured_gr team continues to provide you with the best available info and tips!

How to Teach Your Dog to Get a Beer

Ever been too lazy to get off the couch and get a beer? Teach your dog to do it and you’ll never have to change.


1.Tie a rope or a towel to the door of your fridge. If you have a tug toy that your dog likes, this would work as well.
2.With your dog next to you, open the fridge and say “Get me a Beer you Lazy Mutt” or whatever command you have chosen for this command (preferably something nicer). Encourage your dog to pull on this towel until the fridge opens. Repeat this command until they only repeat this action on your command. Don’t forget to give praise and a treat when they successfully open the fridge.
3.Have your beer on the lowest shelf of the fridge so that your dog can reach it. Point to the beer can and encourage her to get it. If they don’t understand then as you give the command pick up the beer and place it in mouth. Give your dog praise. Give the drop command so that she drops the can into your hand. Give praise and a treat. Repeat until your dog can pick up a beer can by only verbal commands.
4.Now try this command when you’re sitting on the couch, or in another room. Don’t forget to praise.
5.Enjoy your laziness.


-You can also teach your dog to close the fridge after bringing you a beer. Try the “Close” command at first, then work it into the entire command after a while.
-You can also use a similar technique to fetch a beer out of a cooler.


-Don’t drink to much! This may result in injury or bad judgment!
-NEVER drink and drive. Not only could you get fined, it could be fatal.
-Don’t let your dog drink the beer.

Things You’ll Need

-Well Trained Dog
-Lazy Tendencies

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Commercials can be helpful too!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on January 8, 2008

Some useful knowledge through commercials today…

How to make orange juice (Tango commercial)

How to pour beer (Bud commercial)

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Tip of the day : How to Flirt in Church

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 18, 2007

While surfing wikihow today i came across this very interesting article… Knowledge is power!

How to Flirt in Church
Meeting a crush in school and flirting is easy. When you have a crush that you see at Church, it is not as easy to flirt with them when sitting in separate pews, and listening to a sermon. There are tricks to connect with a crush at school, and also in Church. This explains how to get in the right position between you and your flirt partner.


1) Make sure you at least some-what like each other. That will make it easier on you, and the flirt partner. You will not be as pressured and nervous.

2) Right before service, sit with your crush. Once they are sitting they will not be able to change pews.

3) Whisper or grab a pencil and paper before service and pass notes. This usually works, but keep them hidden!

4) Make contact with them after the service, you are both walking out of the pew. Smile and wave goodbye.

5) Speak softly and tell him you will see him next week.

6) Try this for a few weeks, until you get the courage to tell them you would like to meet them outside of Church. Hand them a piece of paper with your phone number. If they take it and call, then you know you have connected. If they just walk away without accepting the paper, look around to flirt with someone else.


* Grab pencil and paper before the service.
* Make sure they like you (even if its just a little bit).
* Make sure notes are hidden from others eyes.


When sitting at the pew that your crush is sitting at, remember to whisper. This is a church and not a playground, and people need to mediate and listen to the sermon.

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Tip of the day : How to Start a Fire Using Carrots

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 8, 2007

How to Start a Fire Using Carrots
Learn how to start a fire with carrots, strawberries, and other combustible fruits.


1. Cut a 2 inch section from a carrot.

2. Slice the carrot into 4-6 lengths.

3. Form a tee-pee shape on a microwaveable dish.

4. Take a 1/8th of a cotton ball and and stretch it over the top of the tee-pee.

5. Put the plate in the microwave on high for 10-15 seconds.

6. The carrots will arc and cause the cotton to catch fire.


* If the after 15 seconds the carrots do not catch fire, stop and retry. Make sure the carrots are cold and fresh. If the initial arc (spark) does not ignite the cotton, retry with new carrots and cotton. More time in the microwave will not improve the result.

* If unable to form a tee-pee, chopping up the carrots into little pieces works a whole lot better.


* You are playing with fire (albeit a small one). Make sure that you have some baking soda nearby to put the fire out, or even better, a fire extinguisher. Don’t burn up mom’s microwave. Start small and keep the flame small. Do this only with parental supervision.

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Tip of the day : How to Explode a Grape in the Microwave

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 3, 2007

How to Explode a Grape in the Microwave
This article explains how to make a cut grape explode in a microwave.


1. Take a green grape.

2. Place it on a plate.

3. Carefully cut the grape down the center.

4. Place the two grape halves side by side so they are barely touching.

5. Place the plate in a microwave (operating at 2.5GHz or more..which is the usual frequency).

6. Turn the microwave on for a while (this won’t take very long).

7. Stand back quickly.


* Works better if they’re touching a bit.

* They should look like this /^\/^\ from the side.

* If you leave them with a little bit of the skin together it makes a bigger explosion.


*Stand back ASAP!

Things You’ll Need

* grape
* knife
* microwave

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Tip of the day:How to Shotgun a Beer

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 30, 2007

How to Shotgun a Beer
Trying to impress those drinking buddies? Here’s how to shotgun a beer from a can in less than 5 seconds.


*Hold the beer horizontal. If you don’t do this, the next step is going to make a mess.

*Take the can opener and puncture a hole on the side of the can, near the bottom. NOTE: If you think about it, when holding the beer slightly horizontally, there will be a small air pocket near the corner of the can, if you can puncture the hole in the air pocket properly, no beer will shoot out…

*Quickly place your mouth over the hole, so that you don’t spill any of the beer, and turn the can upright.

*Hold the can with your mouth on the recently made hole at the bottom, suck on the can until little or no more beer will come out and then open the can at the top.

*Start drinking as fast as you can.

*The ability for air to get in from the top of the can will force the beer out of the bottom at a very intense rate.


*Tip the beer at a 45% angle, so the top is facing down. Then poke your hole. This helps reduce most, if not all, of the spray when you first puncture the can.

*Alternatively, you can start sucking on the hole until you feel back pressure and THEN open the can.


*Do this outside or over a sink, wouldn’t want to ruin someones carpeting

*Drinking beer this way can get you more intoxicated faster. Drink responsibly.

Things You’ll Need

*1 Can of Beer

*1 Can Opener, Pen, Knife, or any sharp object to puntcure the can.

Source : wikihow

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Tip of the day:How to Convert an Old TV Into a Fish Tank

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 26, 2007

How to Convert an Old TV Into a Fish Tank

Have you discovered a dinosaur of a TV set in your attic? It sure can’t compete with today’s flat-panel units, but it doesn’t have to head straight for the junk pile — if you’re creative. Here’s how to make it do something those plasmas will never pull off: turn it into a fish tank!


1. Rebuild the cabinet out of MDF/Craftwood so that it allows for a flip lid.

2. Stain it with an acrylic estapol satin stain.

3. Attach the original legs to the finished cabinet.

4. Stain or lacquer all the surfaces multiple times to ward off any effects of condensation (the formation of water droplets) in the enclosed space.

5. Build in some ventilation at the back to discourage condensation within the cabinet.

6. Get a tank that is slightly wider and taller than the screen. If your T.V. console won’t fit a standard tank size, you can have a custom one built to fit. Make sure that you leave enough room for the reflector/light (about 6 cm). A remote ballast light is a good idea, as it takes up very little room and you can get the tank and water level higher than the top of the screen.

7. Mount the powerboard outside the cabinet at the back (in case of water spillage or condensation issues).

8. Place the air pump inside the cabinet to suppress the noise. It can be mounted outside if there is not enough room.

9. Fill and cycle the tank properly and introduce the stars of your show — the fish!


* Make sure you have finished building the cabinet before you start inserting the tank.

* Wire the light for the fish tank through one of the controls on the original television. This may require you to take out one of the original controls.

* Build the tank to exceed the width of the screen rather than just cover it, and you will have a larger volume of water and be able to hide the filter and heater.

* Use the extra space inside as storage space for the food and cleaning tools.

* Cool backgrounds are the key to a great T.V. aquarium. You can use an underwater scene (which can be found at most fish-pet stores), or you can make a custom one of a television show you like. (Get the measurements and the picture, then head to your nearest print shop and have them print it for you.)

* For colder areas, insulating the box is a good idea. This will help maintain a constant temperature.


* You may want to take the old TV to a repairman and have him remove the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). While the contents of the CRT are not normally dangerous, the air vacuum inside can cause shards of glass to fly if its glass skin gets cracked or breached in some way.

* If you use your existing TV stand, make sure it is strong enough to cope with the weight of the water.

* TV tubes up until about 1960 do not have integral implosion protection. These can be extremely dangerous, because they can implode very violently. You’ll notice a label on all tubes that are less volatile that says something like, “This tube provides integral implosion protection.” If you don’t see that, don’t mess with it.

* Be sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning fish. They are more work than you’d think!

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