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There’s a right time for everything!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 22, 2007

Everything must be done on time 🙂

Woman allegedly stabs husband over gift

Fri Dec 21, 11:07 PM ET

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. – A woman stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife following an argument that began when she accused him of opening a Christmas present early, authorities said Friday.

Misty Johnson, 34, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery. Her husband, Shawn Fay Johnson, 34, was treated at a hospital for a wound to the chest, police said.

Misty Johnson made an initial court appearance Thursday in which she requested a court-appointed attorney, authorities said. She was released after posting bail, which was set at $7,500.

There was no telephone listing for her in Rock Springs.

Authorities said Shawn Johnson called 911 just before 1 a.m. Wednesday to report that his wife had stabbed him. He told police that his wife started arguing with him over his opening a Christmas present, according to court records.

As the argument escalated, Misty Johnson accused her husband of having an affair, authorities said. Police found a marriage license in the couple’s apartment stating they were married in late September.

Police Detective David Thompson said he didn’t know what the present was, or if it was intended for the husband.

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Unique gift idea!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 20, 2007

Holidays have arrived! Do you want to buy your loved ones something useful,stylish and unique?

Buy them a booze belt!

Hurry Up!! Only $89.99!


Let the party begin!

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Site of the Day

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 17, 2007

(Bizarre) Site of the day : When will Amy Winehouse Die?

Don’t loose your chance of winning an iPod Touch by predicting right!

Predict it HERE!

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Unique ways to make money!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 16, 2007

How can someone make totally unexpected money… 🙂

Dad sells son’s 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000

After catching his 15-year-old smoking pot, a father sold the hard-to-get “Guitar Hero III” video game he bought his son for 90 dollars for Christmas at an online auction, fetching 9,000 dollars.

The sale took place after the father spent two weeks searching for the video game for the Nintendo Wii gameboard.

“So I was so relieved in that I had finally got the Holy Grail of Christmas presents pretty much just in the nick of time. I couldn’t wait to spread the jubilance to my son,” the father wrote on the eBay website.

“Then, yesterday, I came home from work early and what do I find? My innocent little boy smoking pot in the back yard with two of his delinquent friends.”

The man, a school teacher, who kept his identity private, said he sold the coveted video game to punish his son and discourage him from smoking dope.

The sale was a boon for the family’s bank account, since the game the father purchased for 90 dollars (US) was finally sold to an Australian who plunked down 9,100 dollars for it.

The naughty son, however, will not go without a present on Christmas.

“I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing with the Stars … I know he will just love them,” the father said, tongue-in-cheek.

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How to use a big screen TV (Video)

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 14, 2007

Meaningless Video of the day

Watch out for something truely amazing : A man jumping THROUGH a big screen TV!

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More news and signs!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 13, 2007

Some more news and signs for today!

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Man nearly dies downing vodka at airport

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 12, 2007

Only Russians can manage such things without consequences…

He should have down some beer instead 🙂

Man nearly dies downing vodka at airport

4:38 p.m. PT Dec 12, 2007

BERLIN – A man nearly died from alcohol poisoning after quaffing two pints of vodka at an airport security check instead of handing it over to comply with new rules about carrying liquids aboard a plane, police said Wednesday.

The incident occurred Tuesday at the Nuremberg airport, where the 64-year-old man was switching planes on his way home to Dresden from a vacation in Egypt.

New airport rules prohibit passengers from carrying larger quantities of liquid onto planes, and he was told at a security check he would have to either throw out the bottle of vodka or pay a fee to have his carry-on bag checked.

Instead, he chugged the vodka — and was quickly unable to stand or otherwise function, police said.

A doctor called to the scene determined he had possibly life-threatening alcohol poisoning, and he was sent to a Nuremberg clinic for treatment. The man, whose name was not released, is expected to be able to go home in a few days.

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And now for something completely different

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 10, 2007

Something totally different for today!

Immortal’s (Black Metal) “Mountains of Might” performed by… playmobil !!!

(From the “Blizzard Beasts” album)

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Rush for your Salvation Certificate!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 9, 2007

After finding the “Reserve A Spot In Heaven” website i would never have imagined what i would discover right after…

A certificate of Salvation for ONLY $19.95 !!!

You must rush though – the end time is near (Dec-14-07 19:04:13 PST) …


Here’s the certificate’s description (from ebay)


This isn’t a joke.. Absolution and a beautiful certificate from an LEGALLY ORDAINED MINISTER in the USA!

You are bidding on a beautiful certificate, signed and blessed by an Ordained Minister, guaranteeing you salvation from HELL! No matter what your sin, you can and will be forgiven in the eyes of your Lord.

In order to receive this certificate, you must confess your sins to the Minister (all confessions are protected speech). He will then absolve you of your sins and issue you a keepsake certificate personally signed by the Minister and personalized.

You are not actually paying for the certificate or the absolution–instead your are paying the Minister for his time in creating the certificate. Of course, you can be absolved and confess your sins without receiving the certificate, but, a donation is appreciated in any event.

The amount you pay may be tax deductable as this is issued from an Ordained Minister; all Churches fall under a non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

This isn’t a joke; the person who will forgive your sins and issue the certificate IS A LEGALLY ORDAINED MINISTER!

Get piece of mind, and instant salvation!

Shipping is INCLUDED in the cost.

*PLEASE NOTE: While your LORD may forgive you, this certificate will not help you win a lawsuit or a criminal case. But, it WILL help you stay out of HELL! Rest assured that you will be with your loved ones after death!

What are you waiting for?


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Video of the day : Jesus Xray

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on December 8, 2007

I’ve never heard of Jesus appearing in an Xray before…

Seems there’s a first time for everything !

Jesus Xray

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