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The Importance of Signs!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 24, 2007

The following article is an excellent example of how important and how significant are signs in
our lives… if Pt Addis beach had some descent signing no such misunderstandings would occur!
(That’s why i have this [bizarre] obsession about signs!!!)

Nude beach sex shock

Rebecca Tucker


A NAKED couple having sex at Pt Addis beach shocked a mother walking with her teenage daughter on Saturday afternoon.

Katrina Simpson said she was on the beach about 12.30pm with her husband and their teenage daughter when they came across the indecent act.

She said the couple was in full view, about 30m to the right of the beach access stairs, in the area designated for full clothing.

The Surf Coast beach is famous for its optional dress code, but that does not begin for about 1km to the left of the steps.

Mrs Simpson said the couple was to the right of the steps in the general access area.

But she said regardless of which section they were in, their sexual activity should not have been on public display.

“I’m not a wowser but I have great respect for our community and this is a community beach,” Mrs Simpson, a nearby resident for the past 25 years, said.

She telephoned the police after witnessing the incident.

Mrs Simpson earlier this year campaigned for better signage at the beach, raising concerns sunbathers did not know where the optional dress area began.

She said at the time that some male nudists used that as an excuse to parade naked in the general access area.

At the weekend she renewed calls to improve signage, beginning with postings on Pt Addis Rd so people were aware of the different zones before they got to the beach.

Mrs Simpson said apart from the couple having sex at the general access area, her family also came across a naked man reading his newspaper.

“He was still in the wrong area but he covered up with the paper, so at least he was being discreet,” she said.

“We’re coming to the start of the summer season and we’re going to have the same issues as last year unless something is done about it.

“It’s a national park so we have every right to be there and people may have a right to choose not to wear clothing but they don’t have to do it in our face, that’s what the other area is for.”

But Mrs Simpson said no area was suitable for public sex.

Source :

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The Greek ADSL saga continues…

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 9, 2007

The Greek ADSL saga continues…

THE FACT For nearly 7 hours (between 10:43am-05:38pm) the bigger part of Greece was unable to access the Internet (me included).What happened
this time? As the “officials” of the NATIONAL ISP(!) said some technicians were performing an scheduled maintenance and broke two fiber cables at THE EXACT SAME TIME(!) in TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!!!
Way better this time,last year FOUR fiber cables were broken at the same time!!! Anyway,nice fairytale, except…

1) All Greeks know that fiber cables SIMPLY DON’T EXIST in our territory! We had our chance 3 years ago at the 2004 Athens Olympics to built
a (really) great network but the money just weren’t enough for our enlightened “officials” (this is called “miza” in Greek thus bribing or better “black money”).
Our government preferred to buy some more fighter planes in a great bargain price…

2) After about an hour from when the initial incident happened our always-telling-the-truth National channels said that “the damage will be soon fixed” and that “the
problem is accessing foreign ip’s and NOT domestic ones!! True – i saw it myself! On the other hand we must be the only country worldwide
with racist fiber cables! Or perhaps they are jealous of the Chinese or Afghanistan’s internet policies…

3) Another SLIGHT DETAIL : This EXACT SAME INCIDENT happened TWICE before in the PAST 30 DAYS!!!
Ofcourse it was fixed in a shorter time period than today (1h30min/27min accordingly) but noone mentioned that the problem was “due to the cutting of a fiber

CONCLUSION : There isn’t a SINGLE MOMENT of boreness in this country…

SUGGESTION : New Democracy’s (Government Party) new sign could be something like this…


UPDATE 07:38pm (Greeks only!) Visit this excellent link!!


CRITICAL UPDATE 08:34pm The majority of Greeks are unable to use p2p programs!!! This must be called THE ULTIMATE ISP THROTTLING!!!

ULTRA MAJOR UPDATE 11:28pm Everything is back to normal again! Until next time…

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Greece,Politicians,Police and Drugs

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 6, 2007

Today’s (or to be exact yesterday’s) top Greek story is the following

Search Operation Underway
05 Nov 2007 15:14:00 (Last updated: 05 Nov 2007 21:27:07)

Sources: ΝΕΤ, ΑNA-ΜPA

The police have launched an extensive search operation in Zoniana, Rethymno, after a convoy of police cars on their way to the village to search for drugs was attacked Monday by gunmen. Three special guards serving on Crete were injured. Greek Police chief Anastasios Dimoshakis and Police Inspector for Southern Greece Lieutenant General Christos Drakopoulos have already arrived at the crime scene to coordinate the operations. The whole area has been cordoned off, with the policemen scouring the place. Special guard Efstathios Lazaridis, 25, shot in the neck, underwent a surgery at the Heraklion Hospital. The other two special guards, who were transferred to the Rethymnon Hospital, suffered minor injuries. While visiting the two special guards, Dimoshakis termed the incident as unprecedented for the Greek standards, clashing with both Crete’s history and the Greek culture. “The Greek Police will assume its responsibilities. We have to implement legitimacy,” he concluded.

Sanidas Intervenes

Supreme Court Prosecutor G. Sanidas ordered the police forces to complete their investigation at Zoniana, asking in parallel from the Deputy Prosecutor in Rethymno to see that the culprits are discovered.

Meanwhile, 75 EKAM (Special Anti-terrorism Unit) men on a C 130 cargo aircraft landed in Crete on Monday evening. Their orders are to keep law and order at Zoniana and search for arms.

At the same time, Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos has contacted the 25-year-old guard’s family and ordered the police to transfer any close members of the guard’s family to Crete.

On the occasion of the attack, KKE (Greek Communist Party) issued a written announcement, pointing out that the organized underworld enjoys the support of strong back up.

SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) also released an announcement, offering its sympathy to the injured police officers, wishing them speedy recovery.
“Police has to place emphasis on issues pertaining to the citizens’ protection from similar attacks and combat the trade in precursor drugs. Such activities do not reflect the society of the Crete, which is bound to stand up to similar violent cases,” concluded the announcement.

The Bloody Incident

The case goes back to last Friday, when a 24-year-old man was arrested in Rethymno, while his cousin managed to escape. Both men had in their possession a substantial amount of hashish and cocaine. Heraklion police asked for aid from the police in Rethymno in order to search the homes of the arrested man and his cousin, who is wanted in Zoniana. A police convoy of 12 4×4 with over 40 policemen set off for Zoniana, where about 500 metres out of the village they received a barrage of fire, from Kalashnikof assault rifles by gunmen, who injured the three special guards.

Source :

Let’s look up some interesting facts…

1) Drug-related deaths have been increased by 1800% in the last 15 years. (Source:”Kathimerini” newspaper)

2) Three years ago over 300 hashish trees were found at a field belonging at the University of Rethymnon,the interesting part being that the trees were watered by the University’s employees and the water bills were payed by the University.

3) All people know what’s happening (all over Greece,it’s not just Crete) but noone wants to speak for obvious reasons.

4) The whole yesterday’s operation was hold secret,the policemen who took place in the (fiasco) operation were noticed 10 minutes before it started! ‘Till then the only thing they knew was that they were about to escort a money transfer! (Apparently the bad guys knew better).

5) After today’s fiasco everyone relevant or irrelevant had on opinion to express (most of them telling the obvious for Greece’s reality “everyone knows what’s going on“) except the ones who should have an opinion,thus the Prime Minister and his Government who noone knows where they are onca again… (Notice:Anyone can have his personal beliefs about President Bush but as i (and all of us) have seen it’s the first to appear when anything serious happens.I think we’re the only country which it’s Prime Minister never talks to the public! It’s not that he don’t want to inform the public,it’s that he’s busy finding the right solution!).

Conclusion : Another operation with 70 SWAT and a police helicopter is scheduled for today’s morning (as all TV channels said).Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like Bagdad

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About condoms…

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 3, 2007

While reading today’s news i came across this interesting story…

Ethiopia tackles Aids with coffee-flavour condoms

David Batty and agencies
Saturday November 3, 2007
The Guardian

Doctors have long argued about the health effects of coffee, but its reputation seems likely to receive a boost thanks to a flavoured condom that aims to encourage safer sex in Ethiopia.
Around 300,000 of the coffee condoms were sold in a week when they were launched in September, according to the US charity DKT International.

It hopes to tap into Ethiopia’s coffee mania as a means to tackle high rates of HIV in the country, which is said to have invented the drink.

The charity said that with 2.1% of Ethiopians infected with Aids – and more than 7% in the capital, Addis Ababa – the flavoured prophylactic was more than a novelty. “Everybody likes the flavour of coffee,” said a spokeswoman.
The condoms are sold in packs of three for 1 birr, or about about half the price of a cup of coffee in Addis Ababa’s cafes, and much cheaper than most other condom brands.

The dark brown condoms are made to smell like Ethiopia’s popular macchiato, an espresso with a generous amount of cream and sugar.

“It is about time to use an Ethiopian flavour for beautiful Ethiopian girls,” said Dereje Alemu, 19, a university student.

The product was developed after complaints by some users about the latex scent of plain condoms.

DTK has introduced flavoured condoms in other parts of the world in an attempt to appeal to local tastes.

These include condoms scented with the infamously stinky durian fruit in Indonesia, and sweetcorn-fragranced condoms in China. The charity’s latest condom has attracted some criticism in deeply conservative Ethiopia.

“It’s inappropriate,” said Bedilu Assefa, a spokesman for the Ethiopian Orthodox church, whose millions of followers are encouraged to abstain from sex outside marriage. “We’re proud of our coffee.”

But even those not sold on the idea of coffee condoms recognise the importance of safe sex. “I hate coffee-flavoured condoms,” said Tadesse Teferi, 37, a mechanic. “But I use ordinary condoms when I have sex with ladies other than my wife.”

Source :

…which made me wonder : has anyone ever thought of an alcohol flavoured condom? A possible question in a drugstore could be…

“What’s your favorite? Martini,Absolut or Jim Beam?”

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The Allmighty Greek ADSL Adventure

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 2, 2007

Let’s begin with a listing of some useful info and stats…

-I live in Nea Makri which is a city 32Kms away from Athens,Greece’s capital and host of the 2004 Olympic Games.

-DSL (we only have ADSL to be accurate) arrived in Greece in May 2003; As a completely new technology for the Greek standards it had to overcome some serious (technical) difficulties… Luckily it arrived at my small town in Jan 2004.

-I was one of the first (Feb 2,2004) to have a “fast” internet connection with the lightning speed of 384/128 kbps… (real speed approx. 290/100 kbps based on over 10 different ADSL speed tests) paying the incredible small amount of 61 Euros ($78) per month.

-Things were always going smooth with a slight problem lasting for over 45 days (Jun-Jul 2004) when the actual speeds went down to Pstn dial-up level… Nothing extraordinary happened,as we learned 3 months later (!) some innovative men had put 120 ports where the maximum limit was 60… No apologies from my ISP,no refunding,no comment…

And after some other slight problems not worthy mentioned here,we came to last week…

Thu Oct 25 : At about 5:30 pm i discover my router’s led flashing… Got ADSL ok but the router couldn’t get an IP,thus i don’t have internet connection…

Step 1 : Called my ISP since i thought it was a common malfuction at their end (not that something serious has happened,in the last 10 days it occured only 3 times). Told me everything was fine at their end,it had to be something at mine,so i must call the “ADSL Help Desk” (that’s NOT a translation,it’s how we call it in Greece!) to inform me about the status of my line…

Step 2 : Called the “ADSL Help Desk” which informed me that i should wait it out,such things are common (!) but just to be sure i must call the telephone company and inform them about my line’s malfuction.

Step 3 : Called the telephone company and informed them about my problem.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE! I forgot to mention that i use the internet for the needs of my work too!**

-1st call 6:30 pm : “Thank you for informing us,we forward your problem to our digital center,if it’s something that can be fixed by them it will be fixed shortly”.

-2nd call 8:30 pm : Same as above.

-3rd call 9:45 pm : Same as above plus “we’re closing shortly (yes,they close at 10pm!!),unfortunately you must wait ’till tomorrow”.

Fri Oct 26 : -1st call 9:15 am : “We have no newer information from our digital center”.

-2nd call 4:00 pm : “Our digital center reports that your problem was fixed in 3:15pm!”
But it isn’t!!”
“Ahh,it isn’t? This things happen,no problem,we’ll report your situation again at our digital center”.

-3rd call 7:30 pm : “We don’t have any further notice from our digital center”.

-4th call 9:35 pm : “We don’t have any further notice from our digital center,unfortunately we’re closing shortly”
“And what shall i do now???”
“If it’s done until our closing time OK,otherwise you must wait ’till Monday.Someone from our digital center will call you to fix a meeting (!) inside the next two working days (if the problem can’t be fixed from our digital center)”.

Sat Oct 27 : No calls were made – as well known nothing works in Greece during the weekends…

Sun Oct 28,Greece’s National Holiday : 10:53am (Still asleep since i work at nights and since i’m a night type of guy) : First my cell rings (ignored it),then my standard phone (again ignored it), then my cell again (decided to take it since i thought something serious has occured)
“Hello,we’re from the digital center,is your problem fixed?”
“Just a minute to take a look,unfortunately no”
“Ahh,OK no problem,we’ll check it out” (!)
“And what happens next?”
“If it’s something that can be fixed from here OK,otherwise someone will call you to arrange a meeting in the next two working days”

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** How come they work on a Sunday which happens to be a National Holiday too? Simple… working overtime is payed double!

Mon Oct 29 : 9:15 am called the telephone company : “We don’t have any updates from our digital center”.

9:45 am : At a moment of despair i decided to call again my ISP since i thought my problem (perhaps) was due to my router (despite i checked it about 97 times ’till then)

“Hello,has anyone ever reported having problems with his connection due to his router?”
“Ahh,many times,it’s a rather too common problem”
“OK,thanks,i’ll try buying a new one,you never know,i’m desperate”
“It’s better to wait for the techs to see it,why spent your money for no reason?” (words of wisdom as i discovered later…)
“I don’t care about the kind of money i’m about to spent,i want my connection!
“I understand,what can i say,all the best”

11:00 am : Bought two (!) routers : One from the “official” shop of my phone company (never heard of that brand before but it was the only one available, right after it made a great gift!!) and an ADSL2+ (despite we don’t have ADSL2+ in Nea Makri!) expensive one just for my testing purposes (for the records: i kept it – hope i’ll need it in the near future,thus before 2100…).
A total expense of 90,80 Euro ($130) for nothing as it proved so a little later…

12:30 pm : Returned home and found out that my connection (and router) were working fine!!! (Ofcourse noone called me from the “digital center”…). I must be the only Greek who had an 832/224 kbps connection (the standard is 768/192 kbps)!!! Must have been a reward for my patience…
**NOTICE** As i’ve seen in my router’s log various connection attempts (done & failed ones) were made before “stabilizing” to this speed…

1:10 pm : In my extreme happiness of being able to use my connection again after 4+ days i decided to upgrade to 2048/256 kbps,which is the fastest speed available in my area (for only 29,50 Euros ($40) per month,a major progress considering it had about 70 Euros ($100) not so long ago…). So i called my phone company,gave my personal info etc.
“Ok, when you’ll upgrade my connection then?”
“In 10-12 days max”
“I don’t want to think that we’ll have any issues with my connectivity,eh?”
“No sir,your connection will be down for about 3-5 hours max (!) for our technicians to perform the necessary upgrades”

Wondering what happened? My connection upgraded on Thu Nov 1,9:12 am and the whole process took 1:47 minutes

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** A good friend of mine (also living in Nea Makri) is still waiting for his connection to upgrade after 9 days…


One thing’s for sure about ADSL in Greece : You’ll NEVER get bored…

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Thoughts of a pervertive Greek mind

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 24, 2007

Let’s have a look first at the latest news…

Chatty lawmakers rack up million-euro phone bill
Posted Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:13pm AEST

Talkative Greek lawmakers have saddled parliament with outstanding phone bills of one million euros ($A1.59 million), news reports said.
Greek newspapers reported that the landline and mobile phone call bills were accumulated over the last 20 months, at a time when parliament had already decided to honour older debts worth over 32 million euros ($A51 million).
The 300 deputies in parliament are entitled to an annual allowance of 13,500 euros ($A21,500) for fixed calls and 3,000 euros ($A4,700) for mobile phone calls, which they routinely exceed, Eleftheros Typos daily said.
Greece’s parliament has not commented so far. The office of parliament speaker Dimitris Sioufas declined to confirm or deny the reports.
“The speaker has nothing to say,” an aide told AFP, adding: “This is not the first time this issue comes up.”
It is currently unclear whether the new one million euro debt will be covered.

Source :

Yeah,they’re the SAME politicians who declared that they can’t rise people’s salaries because the Greek state is poor!!!
The same politicians that a month ago (the elections took place Sep 16th) were promising us literally everything

But the (very) latest news will make all of us happy!!!

Back-seat toilet to end mishaps in traffic jams
Posted Wed Oct 24,2007

A Japanese manufacturer has developed a new portable toilet for cars, equipped with a curtain for privacy and a plastic bag to collect waste.

The Kaneko Sangyo Co, a manufactuer of plastic car accessories, unveiled its new design to help people stuck in traffic when nature calls.

“The commode will come in handy during major disasters such as earthquakes or when you are caught in a traffic jam,” a company official told reporters, according to Kyodo News.

Japan is situated on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and accounts for about 20 per cent of the world’s earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.

Drivers stranded by tectonic movements or stuck in traffic jams simply assemble the cardboard toilet bowl, fit a water-absorbent sheet inside and draw round the curtain.

The product is small enough to fit inside a suitcase, the company said.

But prospective customers will have to hang on until November 15 when the firm begins selling the new product online.


Source :

That’s totally irrelevant most of you we’ll be thinking… BUT IT’S NOT!!! The Greek state paid 600.000 euros for toilet paper last year!!! That’s 2.000 euros per deputy (600.000 euros / 300 deputies)! So,since they’ll have the ability to fulfill their natural need in their vehicles in the near future (and they constantly move for the needs of our country),the Greek state will pay way less for toilet paper and save the money for the phone bills! So our proud deputies will continue their Godsend work…

Thoughts of a seriously perverted Greek mind…

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Greece is on the ‘information highway’…

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 10, 2007

Three friends,one American,one French and one Greek are talking about the level of technology at BC ages.
The first to talk is the French guy : “We digged all way across Paris and what did we found?”
“What?” respond the other two
“Plenty of steel-made boxes and antennas – we French had VHF transmitters!!” ,he says full of cheer.
“Ffff” says the American, “that’s nothing.We digged all the way across Washington and what did we found?”
“What?” respond the other two
“Kilometres and kilometres of wire – we Americans had telephone way before Jesus was born!”
Then the Greek guy starts laughing…
“Why are you laughing mate,wtf did you Greeks have?” asked the other two
“See” starts talking the Greek,”we digged all over Greece and we found NOTHING!!!”
“So why are you having fun of us f***er” say the other two
“You stupid people”,answers the Greek,”we Greeks had mobile telephony 2.500 years before!”

Dedicated to a Slovenian friend of mine (you know who you are!) who is over an 10/10 Mbps XDSL connection for 14 Euros/month (approx. $20) when i’m over an 768/192 Kbps ADSL for 21 Euros/month (approx. $29)…

Also dedicated to the Greek government and it’s (or pretending to be) Prime Minister who declared that “Greece is on the ‘information highway'” leaving those who know what’s the internet reality in Greece speechless… (and inspired me for the title!)

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Nine die in Myanmar protest crackdown

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 28, 2007

Nine die in Myanmar protest crackdown

By Aung Hla Tun

YANGON (Reuters) – Troops cleared protesters from the streets of central Yangon on Thursday, giving them 10 minutes to leave or be shot before chasing them through the city, firing into crowds and beating people.

State television admitted nine people were killed in actions which stung an outraged Association of South East Asian Nations, one of the few international groupings which has isolated Myanmar as a member, into expressing its “revulsion”.

Far fewer demonstrators took to the streets as the junta clamped down and soldiers raided monasteries in the middle of the night, rounding up hundreds of the monks who had been leading protests.

As international concern mounted, U.S. President George W. Bush called on all countries with influence over Myanmar to tell the junta to stop using force. He met with China’s foreign minister to press the point.

“Every civilized nation has a responsibility to stand up for people suffering under a brutal military regime like the one that has ruled Burma for so long,” he said in a statement.

China, which neighbors Myanmar and is one of the military-ruled country’s few allies, is a key trading partner and arms supplier to Myanmar and is seen as the linchpin for any international effort to defuse the situation.

One of the dead was a Japanese photographer, shot when soldiers cleared the area near Sule Pagoda — a focus of the protests — as loudspeakers blared out warnings, ominous reminders of the crushing of a 1988 uprising in which more than 3,000 people were killed.

In another area of Yangon, soldiers opened fire into crowds after a military truck drove into protesters, onlookers said. Three people were killed on the spot.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), in an unusually blunt statement, demanded member Myanmar stop using violence and voiced “revulsion” at the killings.

At Yangon’s Sule Pagoda, 200 soldiers marched toward the crowd and riot police clattered their shields with wooden batons. “It’s a terrifying noise,” one witness said.

The army moved in after 1,000 chanting protesters hurled stones and water bottles at troops, prompting a police charge in which shots were fired.

The crackdown in the country of 56 million people began on Wednesday when soldiers and police fired tear gas, clubbed protesters and arrested up to 200 monks in an attempt to quash the uprising.


Sporadic marches against fuel price hikes have swelled over the past month into mass demonstrations against 45 years of military rule in the former Burma. It is the worst unrest to hit the poor and isolated nation since the rebellion by students and monks in 1988.

Troops dispersing crowds on Thursday chased fleeing people, beating anybody they could catch, witnesses said.

Another Buddhist monk — adding to the five reported killed Wednesday — was killed during the midnight raids on monasteries, witnesses said.

Monks were kicked and beaten as soldiers rounded them up and shoved them onto trucks.

“Doors of the monasteries were broken, things were ransacked and taken away,” a witness said. “It’s like a living hell seeing the monasteries raided and the monks treated cruelly.”

After darkness fell and curfew hour loomed, sporadic bursts of rifle fire echoed over Yangon, a city of 5 million.

The junta told diplomats summoned to its new jungle capital, Naypyidaw, “the government was committed to showing restraint in its response to the provocations,” one of those present said.

In a sign the junta may be hearing the international outcry over its clampdown, Myanmar’s rulers later in the day agreed to receive a U.N. envoy to discuss the crisis.

The United States announced sanctions against senior junta figures and sought to rally broad international condemnation.

Bush asked Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi “to help bring a peaceful transition to democracy in Burma,” the White House said.

China has said it is “extremely concerned” about the situation and has urged all parties to “maintain restraint,” but has not given any sign it is willing to go further in pressuring the Myanmar government.

Bush thanked China for helping to win Myanmar’s consent to a visit by U.N. envoy Ibrahim Gambari, White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe told reporters.

ASEAN ministers, meeting on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, “expressed their revulsion to Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win over reports that the demonstrations in Myanmar are being suppressed by violent force.”

All members except Myanmar issued the statement. The 10-member diplomatic and trade group holds as a core principle non-interference in one another’s internal affairs.

ASEAN made no mention of punitive measures against the military government that has ruled Myanmar since 1962.

Source :


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Greek Elections (in Pictures!)

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 17, 2007

7:00am Elections begin…

Mr. Karamanlis is cheerful…

…and Mr Papandreou is cheerful too!

1pm Lunchtime

People are showing Mr. Karamanlis their love…

…and Mr. Karamanlis shows some love to his voters too!


7pm End of voting – Exit Polls

Both of them are watching tv & speaking on the phone…

11pm The election result is final

Mr. Karamanlis is full of joy!

Mr. Papandreou gets a nice present from his fans despite his loss!

Conclusion : As we said it yesterday…

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A great comment about the elections

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on September 17, 2007

A great e-mail i got from some good friends concerning the elections

Για σας κιριε Ιλ!

Δεν εχουμε γνοριστι! ιμαστε ι παπιες του εθνικου κιπου! Ιδαμε τα ορεα πολιτικα σας σχολια στο πισι του Σπυρακι που ινε καλος μας φιλος κε μας αρεσαν! και πιραμε το θαρος να σας ενιμερωσουμε γιατι μαλον τορα θα ξηπνατε! εμις δεν ψιφισαμαι αλα πιγαμε μαζη με το σπιρακη για παρεα, ο οπιος τορα ινε μεσα και παρακολουθι τις εξελιξις τρογοντας. (….μα πως μπορει;;;)
Ειδαμε πολυ κοσμο να περιφερετε και να χαμογελα και καταλαβαμε οτι κατι καλο εγινε!
Απο οτι μαθαμαι, κερδισε η νεα δειμοκρατια, δεν ξεβρουμε τι κωμα ιστε εσις αλλα αν περιμενετε κανενα διορισμο κσεκινιστε πανηγηρισμους, στα τελεφτεα 3,5 χρονια διοριστηκαν 400.000 ατωμα απο οτι ακουσαμε.
Το ΠΑΣΟΚ καταποντιστηκε γιατι οι ανθρωπι δεν αντεχουν αλλα ψεματα κε ιδικα οσοι βολεφτικαν, δεν ανεχοντε πλεον το ρουσφετι κε την αναξιοκρατια κε μπραβο τους!
Τα αριστερα κοματα ανεβηκαν αρκετα, δεν καταλαβαινουμε γιατι… δεν πρεπει να ινε θεμα υδεολογηας (λογικα αν στις εκλογες επεζε ρολο η υδεολογηα, προτο κομα θα εβγενε το λεφκο) μαλον ινε μοδα ….κε πολυ φοβομαστε οτι σε λιγο κερο ο Ασλανις κι ο Κοστετσος θα ξεφουρνισουσι καμια κολεξιον με τσε γκεβαρα κε ψιλοτακουνες αρβυλες κε θα τρεχουν στο Κολονακι, και στην επαρχια, φισικα…
Ο Καρατζαφερις φενετε οτι θα μπι στι βουλι κι αν ολα πανε καλα ισος μπι κι η υποψηφυα με το κομα του “Εφι Σαρρη-ψωλεω σε ξεχασαμε”, να σινε χυσι μεσα απο το κυνοβουλιο τον καλο της αγωνα για τιν ορθοδοξια.
Εμις ,αν ψιφιζαμε, θα ψιφιζαμε οικολογους μπας κε μας κοιταξει κανεις κι εμας τα ζωντανα, αλλα δυστυχως δεν μας επιτρεπετε.
Τι λετε;…. Δεν ινε κριμα;… ΖΩΑ ΔΕΝ ΙΜΑΣΤΕ ΚΙ ΕΜΙΣ ;;;

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