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The Greek ADSL saga continues…

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 9, 2007

The Greek ADSL saga continues…

THE FACT For nearly 7 hours (between 10:43am-05:38pm) the bigger part of Greece was unable to access the Internet (me included).What happened
this time? As the “officials” of the NATIONAL ISP(!) said some technicians were performing an scheduled maintenance and broke two fiber cables at THE EXACT SAME TIME(!) in TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS!!!
Way better this time,last year FOUR fiber cables were broken at the same time!!! Anyway,nice fairytale, except…

1) All Greeks know that fiber cables SIMPLY DON’T EXIST in our territory! We had our chance 3 years ago at the 2004 Athens Olympics to built
a (really) great network but the money just weren’t enough for our enlightened “officials” (this is called “miza” in Greek thus bribing or better “black money”).
Our government preferred to buy some more fighter planes in a great bargain price…

2) After about an hour from when the initial incident happened our always-telling-the-truth National channels said that “the damage will be soon fixed” and that “the
problem is accessing foreign ip’s and NOT domestic ones!! True – i saw it myself! On the other hand we must be the only country worldwide
with racist fiber cables! Or perhaps they are jealous of the Chinese or Afghanistan’s internet policies…

3) Another SLIGHT DETAIL : This EXACT SAME INCIDENT happened TWICE before in the PAST 30 DAYS!!!
Ofcourse it was fixed in a shorter time period than today (1h30min/27min accordingly) but noone mentioned that the problem was “due to the cutting of a fiber

CONCLUSION : There isn’t a SINGLE MOMENT of boreness in this country…

SUGGESTION : New Democracy’s (Government Party) new sign could be something like this…


UPDATE 07:38pm (Greeks only!) Visit this excellent link!!


CRITICAL UPDATE 08:34pm The majority of Greeks are unable to use p2p programs!!! This must be called THE ULTIMATE ISP THROTTLING!!!

ULTRA MAJOR UPDATE 11:28pm Everything is back to normal again! Until next time…

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The Allmighty Greek ADSL Adventure

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 2, 2007

Let’s begin with a listing of some useful info and stats…

-I live in Nea Makri which is a city 32Kms away from Athens,Greece’s capital and host of the 2004 Olympic Games.

-DSL (we only have ADSL to be accurate) arrived in Greece in May 2003; As a completely new technology for the Greek standards it had to overcome some serious (technical) difficulties… Luckily it arrived at my small town in Jan 2004.

-I was one of the first (Feb 2,2004) to have a “fast” internet connection with the lightning speed of 384/128 kbps… (real speed approx. 290/100 kbps based on over 10 different ADSL speed tests) paying the incredible small amount of 61 Euros ($78) per month.

-Things were always going smooth with a slight problem lasting for over 45 days (Jun-Jul 2004) when the actual speeds went down to Pstn dial-up level… Nothing extraordinary happened,as we learned 3 months later (!) some innovative men had put 120 ports where the maximum limit was 60… No apologies from my ISP,no refunding,no comment…

And after some other slight problems not worthy mentioned here,we came to last week…

Thu Oct 25 : At about 5:30 pm i discover my router’s led flashing… Got ADSL ok but the router couldn’t get an IP,thus i don’t have internet connection…

Step 1 : Called my ISP since i thought it was a common malfuction at their end (not that something serious has happened,in the last 10 days it occured only 3 times). Told me everything was fine at their end,it had to be something at mine,so i must call the “ADSL Help Desk” (that’s NOT a translation,it’s how we call it in Greece!) to inform me about the status of my line…

Step 2 : Called the “ADSL Help Desk” which informed me that i should wait it out,such things are common (!) but just to be sure i must call the telephone company and inform them about my line’s malfuction.

Step 3 : Called the telephone company and informed them about my problem.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE! I forgot to mention that i use the internet for the needs of my work too!**

-1st call 6:30 pm : “Thank you for informing us,we forward your problem to our digital center,if it’s something that can be fixed by them it will be fixed shortly”.

-2nd call 8:30 pm : Same as above.

-3rd call 9:45 pm : Same as above plus “we’re closing shortly (yes,they close at 10pm!!),unfortunately you must wait ’till tomorrow”.

Fri Oct 26 : -1st call 9:15 am : “We have no newer information from our digital center”.

-2nd call 4:00 pm : “Our digital center reports that your problem was fixed in 3:15pm!”
But it isn’t!!”
“Ahh,it isn’t? This things happen,no problem,we’ll report your situation again at our digital center”.

-3rd call 7:30 pm : “We don’t have any further notice from our digital center”.

-4th call 9:35 pm : “We don’t have any further notice from our digital center,unfortunately we’re closing shortly”
“And what shall i do now???”
“If it’s done until our closing time OK,otherwise you must wait ’till Monday.Someone from our digital center will call you to fix a meeting (!) inside the next two working days (if the problem can’t be fixed from our digital center)”.

Sat Oct 27 : No calls were made – as well known nothing works in Greece during the weekends…

Sun Oct 28,Greece’s National Holiday : 10:53am (Still asleep since i work at nights and since i’m a night type of guy) : First my cell rings (ignored it),then my standard phone (again ignored it), then my cell again (decided to take it since i thought something serious has occured)
“Hello,we’re from the digital center,is your problem fixed?”
“Just a minute to take a look,unfortunately no”
“Ahh,OK no problem,we’ll check it out” (!)
“And what happens next?”
“If it’s something that can be fixed from here OK,otherwise someone will call you to arrange a meeting in the next two working days”

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** How come they work on a Sunday which happens to be a National Holiday too? Simple… working overtime is payed double!

Mon Oct 29 : 9:15 am called the telephone company : “We don’t have any updates from our digital center”.

9:45 am : At a moment of despair i decided to call again my ISP since i thought my problem (perhaps) was due to my router (despite i checked it about 97 times ’till then)

“Hello,has anyone ever reported having problems with his connection due to his router?”
“Ahh,many times,it’s a rather too common problem”
“OK,thanks,i’ll try buying a new one,you never know,i’m desperate”
“It’s better to wait for the techs to see it,why spent your money for no reason?” (words of wisdom as i discovered later…)
“I don’t care about the kind of money i’m about to spent,i want my connection!
“I understand,what can i say,all the best”

11:00 am : Bought two (!) routers : One from the “official” shop of my phone company (never heard of that brand before but it was the only one available, right after it made a great gift!!) and an ADSL2+ (despite we don’t have ADSL2+ in Nea Makri!) expensive one just for my testing purposes (for the records: i kept it – hope i’ll need it in the near future,thus before 2100…).
A total expense of 90,80 Euro ($130) for nothing as it proved so a little later…

12:30 pm : Returned home and found out that my connection (and router) were working fine!!! (Ofcourse noone called me from the “digital center”…). I must be the only Greek who had an 832/224 kbps connection (the standard is 768/192 kbps)!!! Must have been a reward for my patience…
**NOTICE** As i’ve seen in my router’s log various connection attempts (done & failed ones) were made before “stabilizing” to this speed…

1:10 pm : In my extreme happiness of being able to use my connection again after 4+ days i decided to upgrade to 2048/256 kbps,which is the fastest speed available in my area (for only 29,50 Euros ($40) per month,a major progress considering it had about 70 Euros ($100) not so long ago…). So i called my phone company,gave my personal info etc.
“Ok, when you’ll upgrade my connection then?”
“In 10-12 days max”
“I don’t want to think that we’ll have any issues with my connectivity,eh?”
“No sir,your connection will be down for about 3-5 hours max (!) for our technicians to perform the necessary upgrades”

Wondering what happened? My connection upgraded on Thu Nov 1,9:12 am and the whole process took 1:47 minutes

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** A good friend of mine (also living in Nea Makri) is still waiting for his connection to upgrade after 9 days…


One thing’s for sure about ADSL in Greece : You’ll NEVER get bored…

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