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NBA: I love this game!

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on November 29, 2007

NBA : I love this game!

Checkout this video to see why!

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Great Greek Quotes

Posted by ILL Natured_gr on October 14, 2007

Some great quotes from some great Greek people in random order…


* “It’s raining at the (football) field,but it’s raining outside the field also”

-Giannis Argiriou,sportscaster, Euro 1996 in England.

* “Every morning after waking up i go to my balcony and stare the Atlantic (ocean)”

-Angela Dimitriou,singer who happens to live in Greece.

* “Oh,the ball slips by his hand,he’s sweating a lot”

-Stratos Seftelis,sportscaster at a waterpolo match.

* “The head of Karataidis has returned (to defence) and intercepts (the ball)”

-Sportcaster from Drama,Greece at ERA-SPORT Radio.

* “It’s a boring match,nothing special happens,and goal”

-The same sportscaster at the same Radio.

* “Saravakos crosses,Saravakos header and goal”

-Manolis Mavrommatis,sportcaster at a Panathinaikos football match. (Now a member of the Greek Parliament).

* “Why does this team always play away (from home)? Don’t they have their own football ground?”

-Eleni Menegaki,tv star.

* “I like all poets,even Beethoven”

-Angela Giannoy,tv star/model.

* “Where we are (on the top of a mountain) ,the snow is very frozen”

-Newscaster,ANT1 TV.

* “And now our live guest”

-Roula Koromila,tv star.

NOTE : All the above are translated exactly as there were said!

Source : Greek TV/Radio

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